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The history behind "emerald dates"

Emerald Dates was established in May 2010 in the beautiful city of Thermal.
It all began with a passion of farming. Emerald Date had a vision to harvest dates specifically because of the climate that make these beautiful palm trees to enrich the palm tree with this nutritious fruit that provides nutrients and many health remedies. Over the last 4 years Emerald Dates have been cultivating to produce these delicious dates. Our goal is to continue harvesting our palm trees by providing them the best natural resources for the fruit to thrive naturally without using harmful pesticides and chemicals. We take so much pride in our fruit that we year round maintain the health and care of our palm tree for them to be ready to thrive during the season months. The Coachella Valley has proven to have the best Topography and Climate for these delicious medjools dates to produce year after year. We are excited to share our fruits of our labor worldwide to all of our clients that will get to savor the enriching tasteful Medjool dates from our Emerald Date Farm to your home.

emerald farm dates to your home

The date palm is the oldest cultivated fruit tree, and are grown and harvested yearly around at Emerald Farms. One of the best spots to grow the richest and sweetest dates world wide is here at the Coachella Valley and we are more than honored to be apart of it and share it with you all.


We pick, harvest, and package with care. Our journey began with the love of farming and our love for our palm trees. For this, we have now exceeded over 800 palm tree and 18 acres at our Farm and we will continue to strive for more success. We are expanding to deliver nothing but the best meat of land, to our clientele, WORLD-WIDE.

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